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Advertising specifications & examples

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We accept the following media types: ( JPG | TIF | GIF | BMP | PNG | SWF  )

Please note flash & movie files are for digital use only, embedded files are subject to approval & will apply a small charge, all image sizes are in PX

Our website is mobile friendly & responsive, all website advertising sizes will be set at 100% and will automatically re-size to fit any device.

Header advert
Main header [Width:790px | Height:90px - [please note header adverts are on a slider with other adverts]

Home page advert: mid section
Homepage: mid-section [Width:855px | Height:91px | Can also be placed under posts & pages]

Sidebar ads type 2 [Width:272px | Height:100px]
Right-sidebar:small [Width:272px | Height:100-600px]
Sidebar ads type 1 [Width:302px | Height:222px]
Right-sidebar: Media [Width:302px | Height:222px]
Sidebar ads type 2 [Width:302px | Height:592px]
Right-sidebar-large [Width:302px | Height:592px]
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