Bebop 2 Now Has Follow Me GPS & Visual


Only available on smartphones equipped with a barometer

Parrot Bebop 2 follows you like your shadow!
Parrot Bebop 2 pilots will benefit from an enhanced experience thanks to new tracking features.

Parrot has launched an accurate and reliable ‘follow me’ in-app feature with an industry-first application of visual tracking, in conjunction with the piloting smartphone’s GPS and barometer*.  Running, climbing, extreme sports or cycling with family, Parrot Bebop 2 follows you everywhere and keeps you in the center of the action.

The most accurate and reliable ‘follow me’ app   The new tracking feature within the FreeFlight Pro app is the most accurate and reliable on the market. Developed by Parrot, the ‘follow me’ feature combines three parameters: visual tracking, smartphone GPS, and barometer*.   Advanced visual tracking algorithms, designed to act like the human eye, isolate colours and shape differences of the subject against its environment, to get a more accurate framing (less than one meter), meaning the subject is always at the center of the frame.   The smartphone’s GPS determines the position with a precision of up to 5 meters, as the barometer* optimizes the vertical tracking of the subject.

Film your adventures like a professional!

The ‘follow me’ feature developed by Parrot provides two modes of operation:

Auto Follow: you are the main subject Once airborne, using the user friendly interface of the app,  the pilot can set  the flight altitude, distance from the subject (5 meters as a minimum), video angle and identify yourself as the subject to track. Once the settings are locked, you no longer need your phone.  Walk, run, or cycle… The drone will pilot itself, and will follow you like your shadow, keeping you at the center of the frame without intervention from the pilot.
Are you a climbing or mountain biking fan? Easy! The barometer* will activate the ‘Climb’ mode which will reinforce the precision of the tracking and will adjust the flight altitude in real time.

Over-piloting: At any time, using your smartphone, you can take control of the drone and adjust the flight altitude, distance between you and the drone and the camera angle.

Auto Follow mode functionalities include: o Perfect Side: Determine the shooting angle (from the front, back, right/left side; ¾) and the Parrot Bebop 2 will follow you and film your journey, keeping you in shot by determining the shooting angle. Wherever you go, wherever you move.  o Magic Dronies: Select one of the pre-programed movements to take ‘dronies’ like a professional; - Orbit: the drone performs a 360° circle around you - Parabola: the drone performs a parabola over you (rises 10  meters high above departure altitude in an arch, keeping you in the center of the frame) - Boomerang: the drone moves forward and goes back 30 meters, moving on the axis of the camera - Zenith: the drone moves forward and climbs to 15 meters high above its departure altitude, before going back to its position, keeping you at the center of the frame.

Auto Framing: you are the film director  In this mode, the app uses advanced visual tracking algorithms for keeping the target at the center of the frame.  You pilot the drone and, without intervention, the angle of the Bebop 2 camera is adjusted, providing you with perfect framing of your target.  When the drone is managing a stationary flight, the angle of the camera is readjusted and the Bebop 2 will rotate on its axis, following the subject and maintaining the frame.