Save On Drones With Gearbest 11.11 Sale

You can forget about Black Friday.

11.11 is the sale that dwarfs all others – it’s the ONE you’ve been waiting for!

To put 11.11 in perspective, here is the comparison based on online revenue:

  • Black Friday 2015: US$1.656 billion (source)

  • 11.11 2015: US$14.3 billion (source) – that’s almost 9 times higher!

Why is it so much bigger? Two words: EPIC BARGAINS. And we’ve prepared all the deals you can possibly want across 3 major events.

Coupon,Gift Rain and Get-it-free

1. Nov 7-15: Coupon Monsoon

It’s time for the 11.11 Shopping Festival and that means coupons!

Better find some shelter because they are literally pouring down from the heavens. Save till you drop with 4 types of coupons:

  • Panic Buying Coupons: Limited Quantity from NOV 7-11 @ 16:00 UTC – BE FAST!

  • Brand Coupons: Enjoy 10% to 16% OFF killer brands

  • Category Coupons: Get 10% to 15% OFF our most popular categories

  • More Coupons: Lots more savings before they disappear forever

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2. Nov 7-15: Gift Rain (Win a FREE Xiaomi Mi5)

We hope you’re ready for our insane Gift Rain.