The New FPV Adventure Packs For Parrot Disco and Bebop 2

Parrot a company that puts the flyer at the heart of its products released in June, and available now two limited edition drones packs. The Parrot Disco Adventurer pack retails at £879.99, and Parrot Bebop 2 Adventurer pack purchasable for £519.99. The nifty drone packs are available to buy from stores and the companies website at A package buys that comes with a generous kit of accessories includes an ultralight backpack, weighing just 500 grams. The companies passion for enhancing flight experience of its products is clearly demonstrated in these two limited edition buys. Both packs include drones that enable users to experience that X factor when piloting the skies for adventure, or recreation purposes.

The Parrot Disco drone in the Adventurer pack retails at 26.6 % cheaper than its release price of £1,149.99 in September 2016. The pack includes the drone, backpack, l parrot Cockpit glasses, (FPV goggles), 2 Batteries, (90 mins flight time), l parrot sky controller 2, (2km range), and flight plan & tracking apps.

The fix wing drone weighs just 250grams more than its Ergonomic backpack due to the design features that implement delta wing fuselage. Designed around the principle of simplifying one's ability to fly like a bird the device comes with some unique features. An 80km/h speed with an outstanding 45mins to 60mins flight per battery use. The hour flight is achievable when flown at slower speeds, and is unbeatable in a market where the average is 25mins -30mins. The drone's flight plan app, (Preset flight paths), and clever autopilot enables quick launch, flight management & assistance, and ultra smooth landings allowing user’s to immerse into that bird's eye view and enjoy the flight experience more fully. And, with its cool front nose camera that lives streams HD footage, all flights can be re-experienced anytime. The limited edition Parrot Disco Adventurer pack’s price is an unmissable offer, and owning one of these drones is a real privilege. The drone is unique, and with its super easiness of use will make you fall in love with flying. The parrot disco recent upgrade also enables two flight modes one for a beginner and developing flyers, (Auto Pilot/Flight Assist), and a full control option for advanced pilots. The latter allows the user to connect their own RC controller to the drone.

The Parrot Bebop 2 Adventurer pack price is £80.00 cheaper than the Bebop 2 FPV bundle that retails at £599.99. The limited edition pack includes all that’s in the FPV bundle, 1 drone, l Parrot Cockpit glasses, l parrot Sky controller with the added extras of its nifty backpack, l battery, (25mins flight time), and Follow Me GPS, and visual tracking app.

The Bebop 2 drone can reach 60km/h speeds and performs for 25minutes of flight time per each battery use. The quad’s design offers excellent stability, and control during flights. And, acts much like ones own film crew with its GPS follow app that will capture the most daring of adventures in full HD quality without distortion due to its fish eye front camera lens. And, if that was not enough the whole experience can be shared with companions via the use of the FPV cockpit glasses. A drone specifically designed to enhance, and capture our love of adventure. The shadowing feature of its tracking device enables all follow me images to be centered. And, uses Zenith, Orbit, Parabola, and Boomerang for the capture of recorded images. The Bebop 2 Adventurer pack is a must have for any explorer regardless of how small or epic the adventure might be.

Both drones in these packs use Free Flight Pro app that enables precision and controlled flying via a smartphone or Tablet device. And, as special purchase limited edition packs the follow Me & Flight Plan apps are free for download. The duration of these Limited Edition packs is unknown, and we advise to purchase early.