Al Jazeera journalist fined €1,000 for using drone in report post mysterious sightings

A UK journalist has been fined after using a drone himself  to report on the mysterious Paris sightings

Tristan Redman, 34, was flying his drone over central Paris last week when he was arrested, it is illegal to fly a drone over the city without a license. security  concerns have also been heightened in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Prior the arrest, several mysterious sightings were reported over the city including the US Embassy and the Eiffel Tower, although Tristan and two other colleagues were not connected to the previous sightings it does raise certain irony.

"Our staff in Paris were attempting to illustrate a piece to camera on domestic drones which are widely available, while also attempting to cover the recent drone mysteries in Paris and wider security concerns in France," Al Jazeera said.

Tristan Redman had faced up to a year in prison and a €75,000 (£54,600) fine, but was instead ordered by a French court to pay €1,000 (£728). he declined to comment after the proceedings. but his lawyer, Francis Szpiner, said the punishment was "disproportionate, even if people are on edge in the current context".

He also went on to say they were just journalists wanting to do their job,

This comes as another story for drones being in the news for the wrong reasons,