Is Your Drone Feeling The Cold This Winter?


Danielle Baskin has set up an internet business selling customised drone sweaters for drones.

Drones sweaters is a new internet shop where one can purchase a customised sweater for any drone at a cost of $189, (approx 154 pound). Danielle Baskin its proprietor sells these products under the motto ‘Cloths for drones’. The visual artist from San Francisco originally created a drone sweater as a playful art project. The quirky idea seeded into a business when Danielle realised that giving drones an extra layer may in fact improve drones performance in cold weather.

Cold batteries chemical reactions are slower producing fewer electrons than warm ones resulting in a reduction of power. If Danielle drone sweaters do actually keep the power supply warmer one could conclude her product is doing what it claims. On some drones the batteries are enclosed in plastic, and in others exposed. The thickness, and quality of casings varies across drones where lighter models tend to have thinner plastic coats. If so than drone sweaters may only be effective with certain types of models.

The idea is new, and not formulated around scientific research, or backed up by any as to date. It is hard to establish how much a drone sweater keeps the drone warmer, and whether such amounts would be significant enough to improve battery life. Since the company is new, (2016), there is no available performance statistics of this product. The only way to test whether a drone sweater worked would be to purchase one bearing in mind any positive benefits cannot be generalised to other drones.

A drone sweater is more likely to make your drone silly looking than keep it warm. Unless drone sweater decides to go trendy with the motto ‘Cool Cloths For Drones’. Considering designer dog warmer's  a profitable business the likely hood of a Gucci drone flying about in a rather expensive sweater  is scary, but possible.