Drones used to monitor farmland in Bangladesh

Octocopter Drones have been used for the first time to monitor farmlands in the southern districts of Barisal and Patuakhali

Two drones is equipped with state of the art cameras which take high resolution images of crops and soil. this enables scientists to assess the conditions of crops on a larger scale and reducing time expended through manual sampling

"Issues like crop growth, nutrient deficiency and water abundance, disease attacks and insect infestation can easily be quantified after analysing the UAV images," said Dr Ziauddin Ahmed,

The Drones themselves have been sourced from Germany to monitor the 23 acres of Agricultural land covered under this project which started back in November,

A project implemented by International NGO CIMMYT and approved by the countries defence ministry aims to analyse farming conditions and improving them in the southern part of the country as per a master plan of the government.

"If we can better understand the needs of our farmlands by using this technology, we can increase production of crops significantly," said Monirul Haque, a farmer of Patuakhali's Jainkathi village, a project site.