Epic Fail as drone smuggling drugs into bedford prison gets caught up in barb wire

Smuggling contraband into prison using a drone might not be the best of ideas but it did not stop UK criminals trying!

Although previous reports have been revealed about contraband smuggling in the USA it appears to be a growing trend now hitting the UK

The criminals involved flew a DJI Phantom 2 vision into barb wire while attempting to smuggle drugs, phones and weapons into  Bedford prison.

Although drones are at a stage of advanced technology they are still noisy and take skill to pilot into such facility, even so we are seeing more crooks using such systems to their advantage,

DJI already have software in place to prevent their drones from being piloted in such areas such as airports and landmarks so we could be seeing new technology within the new future to prevent such attempts,

Prisons themselves may start to implement such strategies such as using nets and anti drone defence systems.