ERIDA Gen.B High Altitude Aerial Photography Drone

offers a variety of features including manual flight, camera telemetric controls, fully automatic takeoff, flight and landing and much more. The drone can simply be controlled with a mobile application and with just one tap the drone is ready to take off and start filming.

With its high quality and flawless camera pitch, the drone always keeps the user in the center of the shot and in case of an emergency it conveniently lands back to its specified location.The aerodynamic design of the device ensures that it cuts through the air with lesser drag which results in smooth, long flights and high speed.

The drone is completely made out of carbon fiber which makes it light weight reducing the battery consumption by 30 per cent and resilient to tough conditions,. The compact design of the drone allows it to be foldable and stored in a bag making it comfortable to be transported while travel.

The Erida app to control the drone, which is available on both App store and Google play, also allows the user to see what the camera is viewing at a moment. The app consists of seven basic modes which can easily be adjusted after setting the shooting angle, the distance and height.

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