Europe on the forefront of drone logistics

Europe may see the first commercial delivery drones take flight as the European Aviation Safety Agency release new policies regarding drones

The EASA have now put drones into their own category rather than being fitted into manned aviation regulations, enabling less strict rules from the ones put into place by the FAA, Amazon have already spoken out their frustration with the Federal Aviation Administration with the time taken to approve Prime Air test flights in America, while the European appear to be more warming to accepting the innovations within drone aviation. Drones trials have already been taking place in Europe by DHL and Amazon,

EU and International aviation organizations and members of aviation industry, stated:


Today Europe is taking a decisive step towards the future of aviation. The European aviation community gathered in Riga to exchange views on how, and under which conditions, drones can help create promising new opportunities in Europe, offering sustainable jobs and new prospects for growth both for the manufacturing industry and for future users of drones in all sectors of society. Drones offer new services and applications going beyond traditional aviation and offer the promise to perform existing services in a more affordable and environmentally friendly way. They are a truly transformational technology.

The new regulation framework being put into place allows innovations to develop quickly, this will likely see Amazon and their competitors such progress their innovative designs in the more permitting EU.