FAA give Amazon the go ahead for test flights in the US

The Federal Aviation Administration has finally given Amazon approval to test their delivery drones outdoors in the US

Despite public concern over privacy and safety issues Amazon are still in pursuit of their goal of their air delivery service and they may not be far from it.

The FAA stated last week that a airworthiness certificate was issued to Amazon and the prototype delivery drone, allowing outdoor test flights over rural and private land in Washington state.

Amazon was also been granted exemption from FAA regulations granting them to conduct the test flights.

Although this is good news for Amazon the certificate granted has limitations, this restricts any modifications to the drone, so will need to obtain new approval for modified models.

Amazon had requested to fly up to 50o feet but instead was permitted only 400 feet, Amazon drone operators must also have a private pilot licence and medical certificate, providing data on a monthly basis.

The prototype drones being developed for Prime Air will travel up to 50mph and will include state of the art sensor technology that will detect and avoid objects. the drones will also fly autonomously.