First airdrop from a speed-ride to a base jump with the Flying Frenchies

After discovering the Bebop drone in “Catching Bebop drones”, the Flying Frenchies are back in the beautiful Alpine summits with an acrobatic and mastered performance… It took them four spotting days, repeating each gesture and sequence and trying their tailored made releasing system, combined with a clear weather to try to attempt their new masterstroke…
After a falsely folkloric speed-ride over the magnificent glacier of Argentière (Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley), Anicet (the clown with the red bus) suddenly goes higher before using his home made system setting them free from his wing inflight! At only 150m above the seracs, he free-falls… and opens a second parachute permitting him to finish his flight turning 007 jealous!
An odyssey filmed from every angle by Tancrède Melet thanks to the Parrot Bebop drone,which he never travels without... even at 3300m/10800ft!