Game of Thrones banishes the game of spy drones

A strict no fly zone has been implemented over the set of the epic series Game of Thrones following an array of unlicensed drones being spotted.

The production company behind the HBO fantasy series has issued a strict ban on spy craft flying above the principal filming location in Northern Ireland.

With drones now becoming cheaper and more widely available they are being used in combination with Gopro cameras, while in general drones are being used to capture beautiful aerial photography they are becoming a menace on set where top secret filming takes place.

The people behind these rogue drones are likely attempting to capture shots in order to discover secret plot details, there are also privacy concerns when it comes to the actors and crew on set.

A security company has now erected signs on the studio fences at Titanic Quarter, East Belfast, that specify the area is a “no-fly zone” for the crafts and warn of prosecution for invading the airspace above the studios without permission from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Although the production company has stated their concerns regarding drones hovering above set there are many different factors to take into consideration and many loop holes when it comes to following the CAA regulations. taking this into consideration it may not stop the problem.