German designer creates Apple drone concept

A German graphic designer Eric Huismann has designed a drone concept which has been widely named as the idrone by online media

As many reports suggest we can confirm this is not a concept linked directly to Apple but in fact is the creative work of German graphic designer Eric Huismann, 

It is suspected Apple will release a drone at some point in the future but at the moment the concept design by huismann gives us a true glimpse to what a future Apple drone may look like keeping to the companies slick minimalist style of colour and design.

The designer also proposes mounting four video cameras on board capable of capturing stills, full 360-degree panoramas and 4K video which can also be streamed to a connected iOS device and then on to YouTube or another online platform for instant sharing and broadcasting.

Huismann hopes this drone could be available as early as next summer 2016 but the truth is while this is an awesome concept the likelihood we will see a drone from Apple will not be any time soon, but saying this we would not put anything past Apple but do not expect Cook to bring it out at the next Apple event.



Images courtesy of Eric Huismann