GoPro aim to release their own consumer drone before July 2016

Gopro founder Nick Woodman has confirmed it will release their ultimate camera accessory


CEO and founder of Gopro made the announcement at the Code Conference in California where he confirmed he aims to have a drone ready within the first half of 2016, he also unveiled a new mount which takes a step into capturing virtual reality footage holding multiple cameras.

Nick Woodman commented "Quadcopters have a special place for us at GoPro because I was a huge radio-controlled plane enthusiast as a kid and I could never really get anyone involved in it with me because it was either too geeky or it took a lot of time to learn how to fly these things - you'd crash them all the time," 

"So, I was really surprised to see how quickly the general consumer was adopting quadcopters.

"Quads plus GoPro has been one of the most democratising combinations in terms of enabling people to capture professional quality content and see themselves in their environment in a way that they'd never seen before. It looks like you're in your own movie."

Many drones have been widely available with Gopro mounts but more recently we have seen manufactures opting for their own cameras, one  such risk with Gopro launching their own drone will result in more manufactures working with other companies to avoid working with a direct competitor.

With the natural evolution on photography progression this is a smart move from Gopro as their cameras already dominate the market, the new Gopro drone will be the must need accessory for every extreme sport enthusiast.