Hyperlow Unibody Frame: In Depth Review

Hyperlow Unibody Freestyle Frame Build:

This Unibody frame is an inventive way to tailor your build to your own particular fly style and COG preferences. There are two build configurations with this frame, the traditional top mount or the mid mount.

For this edition of the build series we have gone for the more traditional top mount set up. Purely for practical reasons.

Build set up:

DYS 4in1 30a esc
Foxeer 2206 2700kv motors
Foxeer Arrow v3
Foxeer TM25 Switcher
TBS Triumph


When you purchase a Hyperlow Unibody you have a couple of stand off options, 10mm and 15mm. For this build I decided to go with 15mm, purely based on what components we had. If I decided to put ESC’s on the arms I would have gone with 10mm but I am not a big fan of arm mounted. I have a neat build style so now that there are many 4in1 ESC options to choose from I usually go with that.

I easily managed to fit a soft mounted DYS stack in with the chunky foxeer TM25 and a de-pinned X4R. If you have a small enough switcher VTX you can place the channel change facing down so you can access it from the bottom plate through on the designed frame hole cut out. The bottom plate also has two cable tie points at the back.

The Design

The great thing I love about this frame is the amount of choice you have with the build. This is true ingenuity within the design elements. The fact you can flip the frame for a mid mount set up is great. Whereas many frames you have one design build. This gives any pilot the option to reverse the frame orientation to get an even lower COG. Although I have initially gone for the top mount build for testing I will be doing some further build options and testing as we go.

The top plate is double slotted for dual battery straps, I always like to see this on a top plate as one thing we all hate is prop strikes in a crash! Rembers guys..if you’re an fvp noob..always try to cable tie where possible restrain points on your XT60 cables, this goes for vtx pigtails too.

There is a flight controller style screw configuration at the front of the top plate which should fit most Session/Runcam3 mounts. Take note you will need allow for the up tilt of the fpv camera. When flying with this mount it also gives further protection to the fpv camera. The front TPU bumpers also provide protection and mount an industry standard HS1177 type fpv camera.

Ok lets talk about the unibody design plate, firstly you are either going to be a lover of modular or unibody. For those of you thinking it is less expensive to replace an arm over a whole plate, let me tell you this frame is tough! I destroyed a motor and the frame just took a small graze on the outer arm, the carbon fiber construction is of top quality! ....This said its not completely unbreakable!


Overall I am in love with this frame, the low profile is just beautiful and the design just stunning! My components fit in nice and snug without any wasted space. As there are more and more AIO flight controllers coming out on the market we are producing lower builds, its great to see Hyperlow acting on this with their low profile frames. Even at the 15mm option I was able to fit in a DYS stack with ease.

The design elements to this frame are awesome, the variety of combinations you can fly with is great, giving many options to swap and change around the feel of your quad. The ability to reverse the build for a mid mount is also a great feature and the design ingenuity really does shine through with this frame.

The feel and quality of this frame is top quality, feels very solid with a nice finish. I have crashed tested this quite a bit and the unibody frames holds up very well. It will take quite a smash to split this frame.

A frame with some very unique features, and a perfect example of what the industry is all about.

The finished frame with components listed weighed in at 322g without the battery.

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