Is the future of the emergency services unmanned?

Drones could now replace police helicopters as the forces aim to save money

Following a stream of drone concepts and innovations aimed at the emergency services and search and rescue, it comes to no surprise that Chief constables at Surrey and Suffolk police aim to implement five new drones in the near future to cut spending by £4000,000 a year.

The police are forced to look at the new technology after government cuts are pushing local forces to look towards using unmanned drones rather than the National Police Air Service which replaced localised air support in favour of a national service in 2012.

At the moment the county police are within an agreement that gives them 250 flying time a year but in 2014 they used just half that.

Wiltshire and the West Midlands have already implemented drone technology within their armoury and although Surrey and Sussex police have not stated when they have commented that they are to acquire five new drones in the near future.