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DJI in the spirit of creative innovation are selling a limited edition of the Phantom 4 that synthesis the symbolism of the Chinese New year into its visual design. The colourful drone is available now retailing at £1,299, The phoenix a Chinese symbol for good fortune, and happiness, and the four elements (earth, fire, air, water), have influenced Martin Sati, (Spanish design illustrator) in his choice of colours. The phoenix with its association with fire is represented by the bright red propellers, and frame. A vibrancy that certainly gives DJI smart  camera drone an uplifting personality in the skies, and may aid line of sight viewing. The drone is marketed within the boundaries of the Chinese new year, (ending March). A high tech  drone representing good fortune, and happiness is uniquely special, and buyers are advised to purchase quick if they wish to own one. The drone is a cheerful exit of the phantom 4 that DJI  discontinued on the 18th January 17. The Chinese New year edition allows phantom 4 fans to still purchase the drone which after March will not be available.


DJI with its signature for visual innovations in the drone industry have created a visual sky monitor that is 4 x brighter, (2000 cd/ m 2), than smart phones enabling sharper, and clearer images of drone visuals in outdoor conditions where sunlight interference is salient. The screens come in sizes of 7.8 & 5.5 with an external battery designed to maintain power in 20 c temperatures, and has an internal cooling system that enables normal function in temps of 40 c. It comes integrated with a DJI gps app where all features can be accessed, (footage management, playback & flight adjustments). An optimised video decoder allows minimal delay creating much smoother imagery. The 30 fps, and 60 fps playback is accomplished by use of a H 264 video decoder. A micro sd slot, and Hdmi allow 4 k fpv visuals, and added storage. The advanced monitor is an exciting solution to improving outdoor visuals, and a must have for any serious flyer. DJI have not yet released a price though expect one soon as the device is ready to be sold.

In the mean time if one requires DJI gps pro app it can be downloaded free from the apple store. It’s user friendly interface allow flight plans to be programmed via a simple tap method The design has been industry lead to improve drone control in a range of fields, (aerial mapping, precision agriculture) besides recreational use. A nifty feature is the 3d mapping system that generates reliable flight paths within pre -set flight, and camera parameters. The fence system attached to height, and distance add safety by slowing the device, (braking system) when the drone nears those pre -sets. A generous 99 way points is available for flights with 15 added actions, (hover, rotation, start/stop recording & gimbal pitch). A DJI aerial platform app that enhances flying experience with safety at its core. Oosjsjf

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