RaGG-e Whoop Frame: Review

First Impressions
On opening up the creative packaging we were very impressed with the finish on the frame, the material used is HDPE plastic which looks smooth with the two coloured layers and the CNC cutting has been precise. On overall impressions of the style and materials used, this whoop frame gets a 10/10. With the two colour styling you can easily tell this is the creation of Thomas Ashley, the driving force and designer behind the unique and very popular RaGG-e miniquad range.

The Build
The frame is designed to hold a 26mm x 26mm board and has the required hole spacings including the ability to mount most fpv/vtx cameras. For our build we used a vacuum moulded canopy to hold a Crazypony cam/vtx, which was easy to attach.

The frame requires motor mounts and a battery holder which are included free as part of a frame kit if bought on Drone Junkie 

If you have a 3D printer you can download the list of STL files specially for the RaGG-e frame Download Here.

The motor holes are designed for 6mm brushed motors and click into place, they are held on via the props, and for added security the mounts can be screwed onto the frame. The added touches like the precise and well positioned screw holes really make this an easy build.

For the battery holder we used this file Here

You can screw this onto the bottom of the frame.

Flying the RaGG-e Whoop Frame
Trust me when I say we truly tested the durability of this frame, It was crashed multiple times to test the strength properties, each time at most the frame would bend but was easily put back to how it was.

The RaGG-e whoop frame is a winner, great design, durable, flexible and practical, if you are looking for your new or first microquad frame than this is a great choice that will last you. The RaGG-e might cost a little more but it has so much more durability and will save you money in the long run... Or should we say "flight"

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