Sony announce commercial drone plans for 2016

Sony Mobile and ZMP to Establish Joint Venture for Developing and Providing Enterprise Solutions that Utilize Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Sony who will own 50.005% & ZMP who will own  49.995% are expected to jointly found 'Aerosense Inc' in early auguest 2015, with Sony's camera, sensing, telecommunications network & with its advanced robotics technologies will be leveraged with ZMP's automated driving & robotics technologies.

Sony is not going to sell drones directly but will lease them to businesses for industrial use such as surveying measuring & inspecting.

Commercial drones that are capable of holding advanced photography & video equipment, have already proven a massive success in movies & documentaries, Innovation in aerial robotics is fueling massive growth in the commercial drones industry & is expected to grow to an estimated £813m ($1.27b) by the year 2020.

Aerosense Inc is expected to begin rolling out its services early 2016.

(Press release)