The Riot Pro 250R Review: The Fpv Rracer From Thrust UAV



  • The carbon fiber frame has been gel dipped in white to make it truly stand out on any track, and works very well with the LEDs and polycarbonate skirts.
  • An advanced F4 flight controller specially engineered for the Riot, with a fully integrated PDB this makes changing or upgrading parts easy for even the newest of pilots.
  • One of the most unique features about the Riot is the 52 integrated LED'S which are visible from any angle, and programmable for different modes and colours.

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This latest quad from Thrust UAV comes ARTF, which means it is available straight out of the box ready to bind and fly.

This drone comes pre tuned, and configured for FrSky XSR/X4R receivers but can also be customised via betaflight.

The Riot 250R PRO has gone through rigorous testing, and alterations for optimal performance, durability, and for easy us

The Riot 250R Pro is the premier FPV racing drone on the market with its next generation integrated flight system, light and extremely durable gel coat carbon fiber frame and unique design, it is built to get you noticed! Thrust UAV takes great pride in the quality of its products and provides distributors unmatched support to ensure successful sales and growth in the UAV market.

The Riot 250R Pro was built to stand out and disrupt the FPV racing market. The enhanced Riot 250R Pro is built upon the Riot 250R, which has been tested and flown for nearly 2 years by professional pilots. With feedback from these pilots, the modifications made to the Riot 250R Pro take drone racing to the next level. Designed to maintain a low center of gravity (CG). This drone’s flight performance and handling make it one of the easiest race drones to fly right out of the box.

Modular IFS and STM F4 Micro Flight Controller
The integrated flight system (IFS) includes a modular on-screen display (OSD) flight controller with STM F4 processor. The Riot 250R Pro also features built in power distribution, eliminating messy wires. It includes filtered power for all the necessary systems.
The integrated video transmitter displays battery information and frequency, and can be adjusted via the radio transmitter. The durable SMA connector lowers the chances of damaging the video transmitter and allows quick and easy installation and removal of the antenna.
The modular design of the IFS allows for fast and easy repairs and is lighter than standard racing drones due to the integration of the board. The IFS comes preconfigured so that you can start racing your drone right away.

White Gel Coat Carbon Fiber Frame
Combining cutting edge racing technology with sleek design, this drone delivers the most amazing performance in an almost ready to fly package. With a 250mm white gel coated carbon fiber frame, the Riot 250R Pro is nearly indestructible and was designed to carry a HD camera. The clear polycarbonate risers replace the traditional nylon or aluminum standoffs creating a stronger lighter package while also diffusing the 52 integrated addressable RGB LEDs contained inside the skirt. The distinct design, white colour and addressable LEDs make the Riot 250R Pro stand out from the rest of the crowd. Spectators will have no doubt who is winning races with the colourful programmable LEDs.

Low Center of Gravity
The Riot 250R Pro was designed with performance and handling in mind. This is one of the easiest race drones to fly, accelerating your flight performance to the next level. The Riot 250R Pro maintains a low center of Gravity (CG) by balancing the board, FPV camera and HD camera to enhance stability, performance and handling.

Almost Ready-to-Fly Inspired by racers to give the most amazing performance in an ARF package.

High Performance IFS The Riot’s F4 processor integrated flight system is ahead of the curve and has just the right amount of features every racer wants.

Addressable LEDs The distinct design, white colour and addressable LEDs sets the Riot 250R Pro apart


• 250mm ARF FPV Racer • Modular Integrated Flight System with an STM F4 processor • Compatible with BetaFlight/RaceFlight • Multishot enabled XM20 Speed Controller • White Gel Coat Carbon Fiber Frame • Flight Camera: CCD, 650 TVL, WDR • Video via on-screen display • Integrated power regulation • Integrated power distribution • Addressable RGB LEDs • Upgradeable OSD flight controller • Replaceable PDB
• Integrated flight system comes pre-configured (Plug and Play) • Clear polycarbonate risers in place of traditional nylon or aluminum standoffs • Easy to replace 4 mm carbon fiber arms • Thrust UAV tuned race motors • Durable nylon fiberglass blend 5 inch props • Compatible with PPM, SBUS, XBUS, Spectrum R/C systems • Fully configurable via OSD, no PC required • ESC beeps when inactive for 5 minutes and can be used in a lost model situation • Max speed: 75+ mph • Detachable omnidirectional antenna • Manufactured in the USA