Thrust UAV and PCS Edventures make history on British soil with a world first at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Thrust UAV and its parent company PCS Edventures launched their new STEM Drone education programme at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Students were invited to participate in the STEM Drone programme with a master class in drone building and flying first person view with professional pilots. The project is aimed not only to help students build and fly drones but to help enhance curriculum elements across subjects such as maths, engineering, electronics, and physics. These vital skill sets will enable the younger generation to continue innovative drone projects of the future.

RubiQ STEM Education Drone

The drone RubiQ has specifically been designed for the use of students with a modular design which connects together with no soldering involved, this allows for a quick assembly and replacement of parts, the drone kit also comes with full step by step instructions which are clear and easy to follow. We had a go ourselves and had a full working drone built in no time at all.

Pre their fpv flight the students had the chance to test their skills on drone flight simulators

This is a great programme which introduces drones and the thrill of fpv to today's student, as drone racing gains bigger investment Thrust UAV and PCS Edventures have acknowledged the importance to encourage a young generation to enhance their curriculum skills within innovative technology.

Thrust UAV and PCS Edventures hope to roll out the programme to 7,000 sites worldwide, including schools across the UK.

Joe Egusquiza, Director of Business Operations at PCS Edventures and Thrust UAV, commented:

“Drone racing is like games consoles on steroids. It gets kids outdoors and away from the computer screen and it’s an activity that really suits every member of the family but still has that speed and thrill factor"

Our education package will teach students how to build their drone from the ground up and then how to control it, how to hover, move and fly through gates. It will teach them real-world skills in a variety of STEM-focused areas. Ultimately, the kids who build these drones are the same kids who will make all the future tech in the Future Lab come to life.”

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Images Credit: Dominic-James