Why Phantom 4 Discontinued


DJI announced as from the 18th January 17 all Phantom 3, and Phantom 4 drones will no longer be made. Buyers may still purchase from pre – manufactured stock alongside the Chinese New year edition of the Phantom 4, (available till end of March). DJI has not commented to why the Phantom 4 released in March 16 has been ditched. The drone an upgrade to the 3 is from industry standard unusually short with a production life of 10 months.


The Phantom drones have been a fast evolving product where prior models show prototypic development of a company striving to be the best. The Phantom 4 pro released in November 16 is an enhanced, and much better version. In the competitive world of drones it is commercially wise to produce better devices. The power of quality is the energy that excels DJI forward raising the bar of standards that other competitors struggle to compete with. The ditching of less advanced models makes sense when quality is a dominant factor. Smart phones are driven by the same principle where all previous models can be seen as purchasable prototypes.

The Phantom 4 pro retailed at £1, 215.00, ( Drones For Less),comes with an advanced built in screen controller that aids out door visuals in sunny conditions.


The  object avoidance is more advanced than the standard 4, and is 9 mph faster with a speed of 31 mph, and flies 5 mins longer with a 30 minute flight time. The previous object avoidance, (Mavic pro & Phantom 4) is not as viable due to straight flight limitations . The updated version is far more safer due to the ability to avoid from any angle. The new CMOS sensor impressively improves camera functioning, (4k), with a dynamic range of 11.6, and has an impressive 40 slow motion shoots per second, and 14 in burst mode. And, upping the bar further a mechanical shutter has been added to resolve the rolling shutter effect. The more intelligent flight modes allow flyers to control the device in more challenging areas with a nifty finger touch way point control.

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The Phantom 4 pro is sensor, and camera smarter than the Mavic Pro that retails cheaper at £999.00, (Apple Stores). And, though shadowed by Inspire 1 pro with its amazing Zenmuse X5 camera system, (£2,899.99 Drones For Less), the 4 pro is rewarding quality for DJI middle market buyers.

DJI is a company that implements fast evolving technology into its products. A salient factor that explains the quick releases of the Phantom drone models. To keep less advanced drones contradicts the quality ethos that the company prides itself in. DJI drones are for buyers who understand quality, and cost are non separable. If you want the latest advances price will naturally be dearer though cost variate's across sellers. The company, ‘Drones For Less’, enables disappointed Phantom 4 fans to buy the 4 pro model cheaper than other retailer’s.