ImiTec and Drone Ops Ltd announce UAV collaboration

Bristol based radiation mapping company, ImiTec Limited, and Newcastle based Drone Ops Limited, have announced a new collaboration for the provision of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems services. Droneops will be supporting ImiTec in the finals of the $1m United Arab Emirates’ Drone for Good competition which is being held in Dubai on 4 to 6 February 2016.
ImiTec’s patented UAV based Advanced Autonomous Radiation Monitoring system can deliver low-altitude aerial meter resolution maps of radiation including over high dose areas and inaccessible locations whilst minimising the risk of operator exposure. It is different from current radiation detection systems in that in near real time, it locates, measures and maps radioactivity and the isotopes present thus significantly speeding and improving the efficiency of radiation detection and decision making. It can be tailored to succeed at a range of tasks involving radioactive materials including routine monitoring within nuclear sites throughout the life cycle, responding to nuclear accidents or incidents as well as routine monitoring of the environment. The device will also be used to monitor landfill sites, import and exported goods, mining, oil and gas activity as well as the use within combat environments. Drone and sensors again perfectly matched to reduction human risk in this case from radiation emissions.
Chris Abbott, ImiTec CEO, says “Crucial to the successful operation of the Advanced Autonomous Radiation Monitoring system is a reliable UAV designed to meet the high standards demanded by the regulatory authorities to ensure safe operations over nuclear licensed sites. Establishing a close collaboration with a specialist UAV company such as Droneops will ensure that we are able to offer state of the art UAVs to our clients that meet these high standards.”
Dominic Kelly, Drone Ops Director says “We see this as a great opportunity to demonstrate how Drone Ops Ltd can work as an integrator of third party sensor technology. Collaboration with IMITEC has involved close cooperation between the technicians of both organisations to ensure the two systems work in harmony. The result is a radiological sensor with extended capabilities for End Users across many different theatres of operations.
See Justin Pringle, Drone Ops CTO, presenting at Skytech at 4pm on the first day -Drone Ops fly out to Dubai as soon as the event ends and he is talking about the UK competition entry and the future game-changing sensor integration work Drone Ops are undertaking with other commercial partners; mine ground penetrating radar, asbestos methane, Carbon Monoxide and particulate air pollution sensors and the integration of drones in readiness for humanitarian and enterprise clients.
For further information, Chris Abbott (: Mobile: 07831 791025 – Mobile: 07949 179227